The Costly Consequences of Skimping Your Accountant and Finance Function

The Costly Consequences of Skimping Your Accountant and Finance Function


It always bewilders me when people scrimp on tyres for their car. Let me tell you why…

They buy a nice vehicle, which can go fast, that they put themselves and their loved ones in, and the only thing that keeps that vehicle safely on the road is a thin bit of rubber.

They wait until their tyres are absolutely worn down and no longer legally compliant before they buy new ones and when they do, often look for the cheapest.

Good tyres enable you to drive safely and efficiently. They handle changing conditions better, handle corners better, go faster and stop quicker.

So why not get the best you possibly can?

And the way many vehicle owners think about their tyres, is very much how a lot of business owners think about the finance function of their business, which determines what they want to spend on their accountant and bookkeeper.

Business owners often look to keep the cost of their finance function as low as possible and in many cases aim to be just on the right side of compliance.

When in reality, the finance function of your business is the only thing keeping it safely on track.

If you invest in this key function properly, you can have something that keeps your business far safer and will enable you to go much faster, much further and navigate the inevitable obstacles with greater expectation and agility.

Never scrimp on tyres OR your finance function. It’s too risky.

Cutting Expenses

In the quest to optimize business expenses, it’s understandable that some owners may consider cutting costs in various areas. However, one crucial aspect that should never be compromised is the accounting and finance function. While it may seem tempting to skimp on these expenses, doing so can have severe repercussions that far outweigh the short-term savings. In this blog post, we will explore the detrimental effects of neglecting your accounting and finance function and shed light on why investing in this area is essential for long-term success.

Inadequate Financial Decision-Making:

By reducing expenditures related to accounting and finance, businesses risk impairing their ability to make well-informed financial decisions. The absence of accurate financial data, analysis, and forecasting can lead to poor judgment, hindering growth and profitability. In contrast, a robust accounting and finance function provides valuable insights that drive strategic decision-making, enabling businesses to seize opportunities and navigate challenges with confidence.

Compliance and Legal Issues:

Neglecting your accounting and finance function can open the door to tax, compliance and legal nightmares. Inaccurate or incomplete financial records increase the likelihood of errors, discrepancies, and even regulatory violations. Non-compliance penalties, audits, and legal disputes can quickly escalate into costly affairs that drain resources and damage your business’s reputation. Investing in a competent accounting and tax team ensures adherence to regulations and safeguards your company from unnecessary legal entanglements.

Missed Financial Opportunities:

Skimping on accounting and finance can cause businesses to miss out on potential financial opportunities. In today’s competitive landscape, accurately tracking and analyzing financial data is essential for identifying areas of growth, cost-saving measures, and investment opportunities. Timely and accurate financial reporting allows you to make informed decisions, secure funding, attract investors, and seize opportunities that could propel your business forward.

Poor Cash Flow Management:

Efficient cash flow management is the lifeblood of any business. Failing to invest in a capable accounting and finance function can result in poor cash flow management practices. Without accurate cash flow projections, businesses may struggle to meet financial obligations, face liquidity crises, and even risk insolvency. By having an experienced team in place, you can optimize cash flow, anticipate future needs, and take proactive steps to ensure a healthy financial position.

Damaged Relationships:

Lastly, skimping on accounting and finance can strain relationships with key people such as investors, lenders, and suppliers. Inaccurate or unreliable financial information erodes trust and credibility, making it difficult to secure funding, negotiate favourable terms, or maintain healthy supplier relationships. Demonstrating a commitment to sound financial practices reassures stakeholders of your business’s stability and reliability, fostering strong partnerships and unlocking valuable opportunities.


While cost-cutting measures are necessary for business success, compromising on your accounting and finance function can have severe consequences. From impaired decision-making to legal complications and missed opportunities, neglecting this crucial area can hinder growth and jeopardize the long-term viability of your business. By recognizing the value of a robust accounting and finance function and investing in the right expertise, you lay the foundation for financial stability, informed decision-making, and sustainable growth.

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