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We sell solutions to your problems that are tailored to your unique circumstances.

At RBK Business Accountants, we believe in providing tailored solutions for our clients as we understand that every business is unique. Our customized solutions align with your specific goals, circumstances, and budget. (No business is the same).

Just like at a restaurant, you have the freedom to choose the “meal” that you want or in this case the “services” that best suit your requirements.

With our menu-based approach, you have the freedom to select from our menu and pay for what you want to “eat” in line with your budget.

Simply select the services you want from our “menu” and we provide you with what it’s going to cost per month: no hidden fees or surprise invoices.

Ultimately, we give you peace of mind that the financial element of your business is well taken care of and you have a trusted “partner” that takes care of all your support and advisory needs.

In other words, we have a 'menu' of services for you to choose from,

of which you pay a fixed monthly fee.

Essentials Services

For mandatory needs, we provide the following Essential services on our menu. These are the very basic services that your business needs to survive. If you don’t get the basics right, then you have problems.

1. Tax Services

Stay compliant with tax regulations and minimize your tax legally. Our tax experts will handle your tax preparation, and filing, and provide valuable tax advice tailored to your business.

2. Payroll

Streamline your payroll process and ensure accurate and timely salary payments. We offer end-to-end payroll solutions, including payslip generation, tax calculations, and compliance with labour and tax laws.

3. Bookkeeping

Our bookkeeping services are designed to save you time and take the pain out of doing your own books.

4. Accounting

As a business, you are required to prepare statutory accounts and submit these to the relevant legislative and tax authorities such as SARS. This includes banks and other financial institutions that require your annual financial statements for finance.

5. Compliance

Various compliance obligations are compulsory with respected institutions such as the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and the Department of Labour to name a few. We take care of various compliance obligations for your business. Examples include annual returns with the CIPC, UIF Compliance, and COIDA (Compensation Fund) return of earnings.

Need more help?

One of our friendly accountants is ready and waiting to assist you. 

Premium CFO Services

In addition to the above essential/mandatory services, Our Premium CFO services aim to provide a higher level of premium service to help your business thrive, going beyond traditional accounting and tax services.

Acting as business partners, our team will help elevate your business through strategic guidance to drive your business growth by providing valuable insights, guidance, and back-office premium financial services. Our Premium CFO Services help our clients build financially healthy and fruitful businesses.

1. Business Health Reports

If you don't know your numbers, then you don't know your business. We believe business owners who take control of their finances lead the entities that flourish.

2. Business Health Audits

As your Trusted Advisor, we monitor and audit your business's financial health and well-being. If you don't have the expertise to analyze your financials professionally, then this service is crucial for the growth and financial management of your business.

3. Health Check in Calls

Our clients want the comfort of hearing from us (their Trusted Advisors) to help them grow their businesses. This helps them assess where their business is, plus, quite frankly, this service helps us provide a more proactive, value-added service to our clients.

4. Bookkeeping Manager

You need an independent Bookkeeping Manager with a "birds-eye view" of your bookkeeping department. Overseeing your bookkeeping department to ensure all financial systems and procedures are operating efficiently and ethically.

5. Cash Flow Forecasting

If cash flow isn’t correctly planned and controlled, it can have dire consequences for a business, even causing liquidation! We help you properly forecast, plan, and manage your finances.

6. Budgeting

We believe that every business should have a financial budget. Failing to plan is planning to fail. This gives you direction and clarity as to what the business is trying to achieve.

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One of our friendly accountants is ready and waiting to assist you. 

Advisory & Support

We become your trusted advisor, rather than you employing a full-time accountant.

1. Business Advisory

Our Business Advisory Services are designed to be your trusted partner on your business journey. With responsive phone and email support, we aim to simplify complex financial and business matters, helping you make informed decisions that drive your success.

2. Bookkeeping Support | Bookkeeping Q&A

Bookkeeping support includes answering questions related to keeping the books accurate and up to date.

You are doing your bookkeeping in-house and your bookkeeper requires assistance.

Need more help?

One of our friendly accountants is ready and waiting to assist you. 


Our packages start from R2950 + VAT per month.

Your monthly fee is dependent on the amount of services you select from our menu and the volume of work that is required to perform those services.

Prices vary based on the specific services selected and any additional customization needed for your individual needs.

Please inquire for pricing details.

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Our goal is to provide you with customized solutions to help your business thrive. Just like at a restaurant, you get to choose what you want from our menu of services. Let us partner with you to achieve financial health and growth.