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Premium CFO "Chief Financial Officer" Services

Our goal is to be business partners, not just accountants. We want to help you build a financially healthy, fruitful business. It is for this reason that we offer our Premium CFO services in addition to our basic Accounting, tax, bookkeeping, payroll, and other basic compliance services.

The sad reality is that most business owners have little to no financial and accounting expertise.

This leads to the destruction of many businesses as the owners simply don’t know what they don’t know.

Our Premium CFO services give you a go-to finance expert (CFO) who will help you solve your company’s most challenging financial problems.

We handle all the duties of a traditional CFO but work remotely and on a part-time basis. We monitor the financial health and well-being of the business, usually with cloud technology. Offer financial insight and guidance on company financial decisions.

In summary, business owners who take control of their finances lead the entities that flourish.

We firmly believe that as a business owner if you don’t know your numbers you don’t know your business. This is why we provide our Premium CFO services. To help you build a financially healthy, fruitful business.

We are not like other accountants that just do accounting and tax. We aim to be your business partner, to help you build a financially healthy fruitful business.

We provide back-office CFO functions such as:

Business Health Audit

If you don't have the expertise to analyze your financials professionally, then this service is crucial for the growth and financial management of your business.

Know Your Numbers. As your Trusted Advisor, we monitor the financial health and well-being of your business, usually, with cloud technology. We will conduct a health assessment of your accounts.

As your trusted advisors, this ensures that we have the tools to analyze the financial health of your business closely and the opportunity to be proactive regarding any possible concerns and business decisions that may be required. We offer you the opportunity to make good financial decisions in real time.

You cannot wait 12 months to assess the financial health of your business. This is reactive and won't solve any problems. The goal is for you to be proactive and avoid any unnecessary problems and costs your business might incur if you were not on top of your numbers.

The objective of this service is to highlight how your company has performed in the last period and to highlight opportunities and/or risks that you should be aware of so that you can improve your business and financial situation.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you feel you have good insight into how your business is performing financially?
2. How often do you review your numbers?
3. Do you feel that you are financially savvy enough to review your financial reports and base your decisions on them?
4. Do you feel you’d benefit from having a professional review your numbers regularly for you?
5. How does it make you feel to not have proper insight into your numbers?
6. What’s the impact on your decision-making to not have regular clarity on your financial performance?
7. With the added confidence you’d receive from reviewing the numbers with us regularly, what type of improvements do you think would be realistic to make in your business?

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We wake up each day to empower owner-managed businesses to build financially healthy, fruitful businesses.

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